Himgyap to direct Rekha Thapa’s ‘Kali’

In a press meet held in New York, USA, Rekha Thapa had announced that her upcoming movie ‘Kali’ will be directed by Himgyap Lama, Tasi. Actress Gauri Malla was also present in the press meet.

rekha meet the press usa

Rekha’s initial plan was to direct the movie herself but, after meeting Himgyap and being impressed by his talent she decided to take him as the director. The movie ‘Kali’ will be produced by Rekha Films with investment of some NRN living in the USA. The movie is scheduled to start shooting in May. The story of the movie is written by singer and actor Yash Kumar and the script is written by Ashwini Koirala. The script writing of the movie based on a male prostitute is still going on.

Himgyap is known for directing and producing short films and documentaries. In addition to Rekha’s film Himgyap is also doing Nawal Khadka’s ‘Bhimdutt’ and ‘Simal Ko Phool’.

Rekha is currently in USA to participate in 16 different cultural programs under ‘Namaste America 2’.

Video of Rekha’s address in the Press meet (the video is really long – almost two hours long)