Himgyap Tasi to make Simalko Phool

After the completion of his debut movie ‘Bhimdutt’, director Himgyap Tasi has announced his next movie – ‘Simalko Phool’. The script of the movie is written by Pratap Subba.

bhimdutta press meet

Himgyap is planning to have film students from USA and Canada to be featured in main roles in the movie. The names of the actors aren’t finalized yet. The movie is being produced by a NRN, Anuradha Shah. She was also the producer of Tasi’s last movie ‘Bhimdutt’.

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Nepali movie on the life of martyr Bhimdutta Pant being made

A Nepali movie based on the life of the martyr Bhimdutta Pant is being shot in the location in far-western Nepal. The martyr Bhimdutta is known for his fight against cast system and Rana autocracy. More than 60 percent of the movie is scheduled to be shot in the Western Nepal.

In the history of Nepali movies, this will be the first movie based on the life of a martyr. The movie titled ‘Bhimdutt’ is being produced and directed by Himgyap Tasi Lama. The movie will also feature songs based on the quotations of Bhimdutta and will showcase the attractions of Western Nepal.

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Rekha Thapa explains why she is not uneducated

Actress Rekha Thapa had wanted to head the Nepal Film Development Board (FDB), but her peers had rejected Rekha for not being competent enough. In response to her rejection, Rekha had organized the meet the press event in New York during her month-long visit to USA.

Rekha Thapa had stopped her education after SLC and she didn’t go to college. In the meet-the-press event held in New York, she told that some people call her ‘uneducated’ because of the lack of higher education. She added – those who call her uneducated are fool themselves. She called herself a knowledgeable and capable person in her profession.

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