Rekha Thapa explains why she is not uneducated

Actress Rekha Thapa had wanted to head the Nepal Film Development Board (FDB), but her peers had rejected Rekha for not being competent enough. In response to her rejection, Rekha had organized the meet the press event in New York during her month-long visit to USA.

rekha thapa - himgyap tasi

Rekha Thapa had stopped her education after SLC and she didn’t go to college. In the meet-the-press event held in New York, she told that some people call her ‘uneducated’ because of the lack of higher education. She added – those who call her uneducated are fool themselves. She called herself a knowledgeable and capable person in her profession.

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Artists reached to an agreement with the govt.

The government has agreed to the 8-points demands of the protesting artists. In a meeting held a the ministry with the secretary and Dharmendra Marbaita (Pappu) the two parties had reached to the agreement.

The government has given word to comply with the 8-points demands of the protesting artists. In return, the protesting artists will allow Pappu to let him work in FDB.

The hunger strike is going to end today after signing the agreement.