KP Oli at Khusbu Oli engagement, was he there because she is Chari’s ex ?

The girlfriend of the notorious don Dinesh Adhikari (Chari) is engaged to a UK resident Nepali, Santosh Karki. Miss Teen 2006, Khusbu’s boyfriend Chari was killed in a police encounter in August of 2014. In the engagement party held in Yak and Yeti Hotel, the prime minister KP Sharma Oli was also one of the guests. Until death, Chari was told to be under the protection of the CPN-UML leader and current prime minster KP Oli. There might be other relationships but, it seems the PM’s sympathy towards Khubsu might also be because was the girlfriend of the don under his protection.

A video report on the engagement of Khusbu Oli:

Criminal Chari’s mentor, KP Sharma Oli

Don Chari was under the political protection, specially the current PM, KP Oli. Whenever he was arrested by the police, the police were forced to let him go because of the political pressure. Many believe, including Khusbu Oli, that the police had carefully planned the encounter with Chari so that he was killed before being captured. If he were only captured, there was a high probability that he wouldn’t have been locked-in because of the political protection.

The following video contains an interview of KP Oli, before Chari was killed. The video sheds some lights on Oli’s thought on Chari:

Who is Khusbu Oli?

Khusbu used to work as a model for a while after winning the Miss Teen 2006 title. Khusbu was in relationship with a rich guy, Arpan Koirala. There is rumor that Chari staged a scene so that Khusbu breaks up with Arpan and go with him (more details in the video attached below).

Arpan was a rich guy, who had gifted Khusbu a vehicle. She had also started a orphan house. In the orphanage named Shelter Nepal, the children with criminal background were housed. Chari was one of the major contributor to the orphanage.

In the mean time, Khusbu had also studied in the UK. After Chari’s death, she had left the country and had been living in the UK.

A video of Khusbu’s full statement after Chari’s death:

A year after Chari’s death, another don named ‘Ghaite’ was also killed in a similar encounter. Similar to Chari, Ghaite was also under political protection of another major political party, Nepali Congress.

Previous reports on Khusbu Oli

My thoughts!

Whatever might be the case, Khusbu Oli had gone through a very tough time. Khusbu had lost her boyfriend and had to face different questions and had to leave the country. Although she has acted in a few music video, Khusbu is not a movie actress. These days, I don’t usually write about people out-of the movie industry. But, as I had written about her in the past, I couldn’t just ignore the news of her engagement.

I hope, the tough days are over for Khusbu Oli. I wish, she gets a peaceful and enjoyable future and a long married life. All the best Khusbu and Santosh Karki!

khusbu oli engagement

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