Chapali Height sequel Chapali Height 2 starts

The shooting of the sequel of the hit movie ‘Chapali Height’, titled ‘Chapali Height 2’ has started in Kathmandu. In an event held in Karyavinayak temple, the movie was inaugurated by the producer, artists and other crew members. A video report on the start of the shooting of the movie:

The sequel of hit movie ‘Chapali Height’ is being produced by the Arjun Kumar and is being directed by Dipendra K Khanal. The actors however are all new names in Nepali movie industry.

About ‘Chapali Height’

The original movie ‘Chapali Height’ was released three years ago. ‘Chapali Height’ and ‘Loot’ are credited to have rescued the Nepali movie industry after years-long stretch of unsuccessful Nepali movies. The movie features actress Binita Baral and actors Raj Timilsina and Amir Gautam in leading role. The movie made under Aasma Films banner was produced by Arjun Kumar and directed by Dipendra K Khanal.

After the success of the movie Arjun Kumar announced another movie titled ‘Fateko Jutta’. But, the movie was never made.

Watch ‘Chapali Height’ here:

chapali height nepali movie

Chapali Height Controversies

The movie made on sex theme had gone through a lot of controversies:

‘Chapali Height 2’ preparation

The preparation of the sequel had been going on for a long time. Last year, I wrote about the controversy over signing in new actress instead Binita Baral.

It took more than a year for the formal announcement of the movie.

Before the start of the shooting, the artists had gathered in Kurintar for the workshop in starting the movie. The movie was announced in a formal program held in February, 2016. The new movie will feature new artists. The three leading actors in the movie are Aayushman Desraj Shrestha , Mariksha Shrestha and Paramita RL Rana.

Video report on the announcement of the movie.

chapali height 2 lead actors

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