Kohinoor, 51 days in theater celebrated

The last movie of Shree Krishna Shrestha, ‘Kohinoor’, celebrated the milestone, 51 days in theater in a program held on September 27. The Communication Minister Dr. Minendra Rijal was the chief guest of the program held in Kathmandu.

The program appreciated the media and personnel that helped in making and promoting the movie.

kohinoor 51 days celebration

The director of the movie Aakash Adhikari was appreciated and awarded with Rs. 500,000 in cash. The artists and the background technicians of the movie were also appreciated with a token of appreciation in the program. Various film artists and media were invited in the celebration.

The lead actress and producer Sweta Khadka didn’t attend the ceremony and she is still mourning the death of Shree Krishna.

Shree Krishna Shrestha had died on the next day of the release of the movie:

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