Kohinoor piracy, chor police game goes on

When a copy of super-hit movie of late actor Shree Krishna Shrestha, ‘Kohinoor’ appeared in YouTube, the producer/director Aakash Adhikari was shocked. After submitting a complaint YouTube removed the movie. But, some more users uploaded the movie again.

In the last few days multiple copies of the movie were uploaded in different user names. It looks like somebody is playing chor (thief) and the producer is playing police and submitting complaints to the video host before it removes it.

Aakash Adhikari organized a press meet on Wednesday to announce that the pirated copy was removed from the site. But, when we checked YouTube on Friday, there was at least one copy of the movie in the site (screenshot attached below).

In the press meet the producer thanked everybody who watched the movie and asked to fight against piracy. He also told that the production team is searching the pirate and they will ask the government to punish the culprit. The production team is planning to take the high quality print of the movie to different countries in near future.

‘Kohinoor’ is a movie made on the story of human trafficking of Nepali girls to Indian brothels. The movie featuring Shree Krishna and Sweta Khadka in leading role had made historical business. The lead actor and one of the producers of the movie, Shree Krishna Shrestha had died two days after the release of the movie.

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