‘Kollywood’ director Acharya given USA release rights

Production House, Group One Creation, is so impressed with the direction of Navaraj Acharya that, it has given him the rights to release the movie ‘Kollywood’ in the USA.


According to the producer of ‘Kollywood’, Tanka Karki, the company is in the process of transferring the overseas rights to Acharya. The director, Acharya, is excited by the responsibility and says that the task has motivated him to make even better movies.

‘Kollywood’ features Aryan Sigdel, Priyanka Karki, Payal Thapa and Bishnu Karki in the leading role. Malina Joshi has appeared as the hot item girl in the title song of the movie, ‘Yo Kollywood ko nasha’.

Renesha Rai’s choregraphy can be seen in this movie and Sunil Thapa, who is famous for negative role, will appear as a guest artist.

One month is left to see how effective Acharya’s direction is as it is going to be released on Magh 5.

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