Movie Song – Dreams (Jukebox)

Attached is the music jukebox of the upcoming movie of Anmol KC and Samragyee RL Shah. The presentation of Bhuwan KC as the director and producer is made under Kajol Films banner. There are two songs in the movie.

dreams audio jukebox

The singers of the songs are Hercules Basnet and Somiya Baraili. The lyrics and the music is prepared by Hercules Basnet.

The film is mixed by Uttam Neupane, song mixing is done by Bizu Karmacharya, music arranger is Almoda Rana Uprety. The songs are choreographed by Kabiraj Ghatraj. Color grading by done by Rajendra Moktan.

Diwakar Bhattarai has helped Bhuwan KC in directing the movie as the Associate Director. The movie is scheduled to release on March 4, 2016 (21 Falgun).

Listen to the music jukebox:

credit – Highlights Nepal

Music videos of the songs:

news about the trailer release ceremony:

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