Namrata Shrestha Sex Scandal

Namrata started acting in Grade 1. Watch Namrata’s first film Watch “Sangani” here.

Namrata Shrestha is in the top of the news these days with the release of her latest movie ‘Mero Euta Saathi Chha’.  I haven’t seen the movie yet but I have heard that it is a cocktail of Hollywood, Bollywood and Korean movies. She had shown her acting potential in her last movie  ‘Sano Sansar‘.

Also watch: A video about Namrata:

This post is not about her acting or movies but about a 8 minutes video circulating in the internet recently. I am not much sure, but the dimple of the girl on the video resembles that of Namrata. The girl in the video seems to be well skilled in what she was doing. Although the couple are talking in English it sounds pretty much like Nepali ascent. The girl, although looking a bit drunk, is well aware of the video recording as the flash lights are turned on. At some point, she tells “turn it off please…. its disturbing”.

Please see the screenshot from video and compare with the original photo of Namrata. Do you think it is Namrata? If the latest scandal proves to be true she is supposed to be on headline for quite some time.

I hope the video is not a fabricated one to defame the aspiring artist.

UPDATE: Another video has surfaced. A 2:25 minutes long video seems like the first video in the series in which the guy blindfolds the girl. There should be more videos in the series. Too bad, they are talking in English all the time and not a single Nepali word. That’s why, I can’t be too sure that she is Namrata. It seems, there are more videos to come up as the guy told at the end of this video that he is going to setup the camera on a tripod.

UPDATE 2 (RUMORS): If rumors are to be believed; Namrata told that she was the girl in the video. The video was told to be released by the wife of the guy in the video as she took them to Maiti Nepal, a woman’s right advocate in Nepal, for her husband’s apology on the matter.

Detailed Profile of Namrata (link removed) and some more photos (credits :

UPDATE 3: A website, filmykhabar, says that the guy in the video is DJ Trantik. Wife of DJ found this video and she took it to Maiti Nepal. It is still not known who released this video in the internet.

The scandal video is not suitable to be posted here so I suggest you to search it in the xnepali forum.

I am posting a music video instead: video from the movie “Sano Sansar” featuring Namrata Shrestha. :)

UPDATE 4 (Sept 22): Finally I could see the full video when one of the xnepali forum members has posted it in the forum. At the end of one clip somebody knocked on the door and the guy asked in Nepali “Ko Ho?” (who is there). That is the only Nepali conversation on the whole video. None of the accused, Namrata and DJ Tantrik has told anything for or against the video.
It is sad incident that such a video was released to general public. I hope this incident teaches a lesson to the people not to take such videos and even if they do secure it so that it won’t be released like this one. And one should never trust anybody in such matters.

439 thoughts on “Namrata Shrestha Sex Scandal

  1. guy’y wat is going on man . what ever is going on its not good going on . i m talking about case of namrata . o hmro affnu ghar ko kura ho , hamro samaaj ko hamro hamro aafnu countryko kura , yo kura lai kina sansar lai dhekha ko . j hunu thyo bhayo . nepal lai snsar ko aagari nanngo na paro .

  2. aru ko life ma interfare garnu thik hoina .i know there are many common face models they are doing as a sex worker and a actress too. and i m a red hand prove for it. but in case of namrata video has been leaked. i know her from last 3 years . she has been a sex worker
    dj tantric and namrata neither they are girl friend or boy friend but we must appriciate it. coz it happens in the whole world,

  3. sansarma sable sex gar6 thaha 6 tara socity kasto 6 bhanera bujnu pardaina?kina popular hune aru bato payenau ki kaso? u bitch..namrata shrestha..
    sex garna pain6 bhaindaima KHULLA MANCHMA garne
    ani nariko namma kalanka banera aru nariko samma biswas garna namilne aadhar 6odne?
    ma kina gali gardai6u tyo pani nepali ma thaha 6?
    aja samma maile mero com ko desktop ani self phn ko screen saver ma samma u bitch ko photo rakheko thiye aba bhan mero manlai katti chot puryaes????? ma ta abrod 6u no probs tara ma jastai lakhanu nepali ko man lai kina chot din6s
    aba europ aaja kam nai tyo gar paisa pani sex pani
    aaune bhaye malai sampark gar hai???

  4. hey stop supporting her…….mistake is always mistake,sudnt do dat even a once… da way dat guy dj tantrik is married…..n wat has happened to his wife… just think….fans of namrata….stop supportin her lykke dat… is damn personal and personal things must be personal,not public… khel khata…..vdo hajam…..hahaha enjoy da vdo….

  5. and…lookin at this…i feel very sad…that an aspiring actress would stoop down to this level to gain some publicity….(maybe its just a publicity stint…u know…like paris hilton….it made her more famous)…most of the indian sites are carrying this news now…soo she’s getting popular in india tooo….BOLLYWOOD????

  6. yeah…sex is sex….but i know for sure that namrata has bf…she was cheating on her bf wid this married dude…that sux…..i guess she has no principles!!

  7. comment no 69……what the hell u think of urself….if these things happen with ur family can u do what u have sugested to do???
    somebody commented like she has ruined nepali culture….what i wanna say is…is nepali culture is made for girls only…is it not for boys??
    i think DJ TANTRIK is only responsible for all those matter…being a married man…..he is one the worst husband and a worst man of this world…..i think he has made that video…

  8. Sex is a natural phenomenon so there is no need to be astonished. Jus khichera publicise nagareko bhaye hunthyo. That should be da differene between a rising filmstar and pornstar. Anyway hell to that person who publicised it!

  9. Namrata i am so sorry dherai dukha lagyo yo kura thaha paera tara namrata yo kura bujnu parcha yo sansarma sabai nari ustai hudainan. aja ko jana astha hera thaha pae timro yo kanda lai ahi lyaune hat kasaiko babhaera tehi mero euta sathi ko susma karki le nai flash gareko bhanera. namrata tyo kt lai kahile maf nagara. tyo nikai satte sabitri rahicha jasle aja timro yo awasta ayo. narata yo film industry ma yesto manche hune rahecha jasle aruko yetro daha garera tesari flash garera timro yo halat banayo. namrata tyo dusta kt jo afuchai khub satte sabitri rahicha usko pani tyo halat timile pani dekhna pauchau. namrata malai sarai dukha lagyo k t le nai kt manche ko yo awasta srijana garyo. hera dimag nabhaeki tyo raccheshni le vidio maiti nepal lai die pani maiti nepal jasto mahilako lagi kam garne sastha le goppe rakhyo tara hera namrata dont worry please. ani yesto susma jasti racchesni lai yo indusry bata nai out garnu parcha.

  10. Lets not make this story a huge issue. we all are human being and sometime the mistakes are inevitable. and why everyone is talking about Namrata why not DJ Trantik ? i suppose he is more responsible person coz he is married… and sex is normal the only exception is Namrata is a celebrity and it is nepal, had it been Angelena Jolie in US it wouldnt matter… and i completely disagree with the comment No. 69

    and if u have any objection with me you can mail me at

    Take it easy GUYS… dont be hyper excieted.


  11. hey yar what is this. namrata what is this i don’t aspect that from u???? you know your are the only a real star of the flim. and what will be ur future now.
    Who is that guys who make this link blady hell.

  12. 69 ko comment ma ma comment din na chahan chhu kinna ki tyo comment dine le kahile pani sex gareko chaina hola haina ta sex is normal nai ho tara namrata ko carear bigarna ko lagi nai yo vidio lyako jasto lagchha
    manchhe sadai chanakho huna sak dai na so tesai ko faida yo vidio banaune le liyeko chha. ma tantrik lai rando vanchhu kina ki garma budi vai vai namrata lai sex garo so namrata jasto aro kati keti lai sex garyo hola so tesaile tantrik le mantra lagayera rando bandai hideko chha

  13. k ko brikriti ni sex bhanne kura sansar ma sabai lai chayincha sex nagari hami pani yo sansar ma tah pakai ni ayenaw…ani sex garnu bhaneko kunia thulo kura hiaian yo nepali topa haru euta kura pawnu hudiana sandal machayi halcha…ya comments dine haru sabai jana chokho tah hiana hola…… kasoooooo unle thikai garin…..

  14. सभ्य नेपाली समाज का एस्त असभ्य जानवर हरु लाई कोठा भित्र को नाङो पन मात्र होईन, खुला समाज मा कालो मोसो लगायरा नागै घुमाउनु पर्ने हो ।
    म समस्त सभ्य दाजु भाइ दिदी बहिनी हरु लाई अनुरोध गर्दछु कि, ति दुबै लाई नाङै बजार मा घुमाउनु पर्छ, हाम्रो समाज लाई बिकृती तिर धकेल्ने एस्त कु तत्वो लाई दन्द दिनै पर्छ ।

  15. I dont line nepali movies and i dont like nepali actor and actress but i saw that videos. I think its not that girl since the girl in video is too professional and her parts of body is also not good.

  16. thats not her for sure
    she wont do that
    not infront of the camera of course
    but its her life it depends on herself what to do or what not to do

  17. no matter what u do namrata i will always love u
    u r the most beautiful women in this country
    i dont belive what other say about u
    u r the best

  18. dis might not be in huge world..a face can be matched with several asian girls.. i don believe it..some thing is..hidden..truth never no body no who had killed our royal..everything is suspense

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