Nepali Movie – Gatho (Najir Hussain)

Nepali Movie – Gatho
Starring – Najir Hussain, Abhay Baral, Namrata Shrestha
Director – Suraj Bhusal

About ‘Gaatho’

A 2016 release movie, directed by the director of ‘Maun’ and ‘Hostel Returns’, ‘Gaatho’ is an art movie by But-Wall Entertainment. The movie features Najir Hussain in leading role and a new actress, Namrata Shrestha, opposite to Najir. The director of photography is Narendra Mainali, editor is Nimesh Shrestha. The movie is made on the screenplay and dialogue of Suraj Bhusal and Pratik Gurung. The director has also written the story. The music and the lyrics of the movie are prepared by Anupam Sharma. Anupam has also given voice to the songs. Background socre by Jason Kunwar. The movie was released in September of 2016.

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Credit – Highlights Nepal

Star Cast of ‘Gaantho’

After debuting in ‘Hostel Returns’ the actor Najir Hussain has been known for his acting skills. After the success of the movie, he has been featured in a number of movies. His upcoming movie, ‘Rajja Rani’ features Kaki Adhikari in his opposite. Although ‘Gaatho’ was not successful commercially, his role had been highly appreciated. The actress of the movie Namrata is confused with another actress – Namrata Shrestha. But, she doesn’t look like the ‘Classic’ actress.

Poster of the movie

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