Nepali Movie – Numafung

Nepali Movie – Numafung
Starring – Anupama Subba, Niwahangma Limbu, Prem Subba, Alok Nembang, Ramesh Singhak etc.
Director – Nabin Subba


This movie, Numafung, was made in Limbu language and had received the runners-up award from among 123 entries in the International Film Festival in Dhaka, Bangladesh in September 2003. Numafung received US$ 2000 and a certificate for being second in the contest participated in by 36 countries. Nabin Subba directed Numafung, which literally means “beautiful flower.” Indian film ‘Lesson One’ directed by TV Chandra stood first in the festival. The film received US$ 6,000 and a certificate.

The movie is the presentation of Menchhyayem Pictures for INA Cassette Center, Kathmandu. Produced by Chhabilal Hangshrong and Nabin Subba Production. The movie is freely adapted from Kajiman Kangdangwa’s story ‘Karobar ki Gharbar’.

Casting director – Anup Baral
Music – Nhyoo Bajracharya
Editor – Sameera Jain
Cinematography – Raju Thapa

Full movie in single part:

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