Nepali Movie – Ajhai Pani (Pooja Sharma, Sudarshan Thapa)

Nepali Movie – Ajhai Pani
Starring – Sudarshan Thapa, Pooja Sharma, Surakshya Pant, Mithila Sharma, Bijaya Lama etc.
Director – Alok Nembang

Watch ‘Ajahi Pani’, full movie in a single part:

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About ‘Ajhai Pani’

The last movie of the noted director Alok Nemwang is a joint production of Sudarshan Thapa Production and Poonam Entertainments by the director Sudarshan Thapa and Poonam Gautam. The DOP is Rajesh Pandey, script is written by Ram Sharan Pathak. The music are composed by Sachin Singh, Mahesh Khadka, Hari Lamsal, and Rajan Raj Siwakoti. The action is direcgted by Asta Maharjan, costume designer is Poonam Gautam, singers are Deepak Limbu,Hari Lamsal,Sahima Shrestha.Manisha Pokhrel, Dinesh Gautam, Rajoo Lama.

The movie was initially announced in April of 2014. The movie was sort of Alok Nembang’s comeback in the Nepali film industry after 5 years of absence. On April 30, actress Pooja Sharma’s birthday was celebrated by the film team. The movie was told to be the “birthday gift to Pooja“.

Before finalizing the movie, the director Alok Nembang committed suicide, on November 6, 2014. On February next year, the movie was premiered and released.

Star Cast of ‘Ajhai Pani’

The movie features the noted director, Sudarshan Thapa, in leading role. His opposite, actress Pooja Sharma is rumoured to be his girlfriend as she is the sole actress in all of his movies these days. Actress Surakshya Pant debuted in ‘Ajhai Pani’. The engineer actress, Pant, isn’t seen in any other movies after that. The movie directed by Sudarshan and featuring Pooja in lead role, ‘Prem Geet’ had been very successful a while ago.

The director of the movie, Alok Nembang had been a very successful film and music video director. He had directed the movies like ‘Kohi Mero’ (watch ‘Khoi Mero’) and ‘Sano Sansar’ (watch ‘Sano Sansar’ here). He was also an actor in a critically acclaimed movie ‘Numafung’ (watch ‘Numafung’ here).

Biography of Alok Nembang and the movies of Alok posted in xnepali:

Poster of ‘Ajhai Pani’

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