Nihita and Sakuntala arrested

Nihita Biswas and Sakuntala Thapa were arrested after the Supreme Court decided to keep them in jail for further investigation.


Sakuntala Thapa, a lawyer and mother of Shobhraj’s wife Nihita, had accused the judges of corruption while taking the decision to convict Charles Shobhraj. (Photo sources – Kantipur and Onlinekhabar)


Nihita had married Charles Shobhraj in jail on the Dashain of 2008. A film maker and director, Narayan Puri, had announced the production of a movie based on their love story. But, the movie was never made.

Who is Charles Shobhraj?

A son of Indian father and Vietnamese mother – Charles Shobhraj became French citizen after his mother married a French guy.

The criminal activities of Charles Shobhraj were done in 1972s to 1982. He is accused of killing more than 20 people in Nepal, India, Thailand, Turkey and Iran. Previously he was arrested in India and was kept in a high security jail, but he escaped from the jail. He was arrested in Nepal in a casino and was sentenced for life in July 2004.

A video report (2017) update:

2 thoughts on “Nihita and Sakuntala arrested

  1. yes yes good job judges are doing good job but nihita n sakuntala wanna heroin in drama this is not drama this is real court case sakuntala n nihita themselve are trying to corrupt not judges in this case nihita is fake wife of charlse sobraj married at jail in ktm for time being she is not real wife of sobraj she can marry with anyone she has been used in this case so she most be in behind bar for her fake witness n suporting the convict

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