Love Affair of Charles Sobhraj and Nihita Biswas to be made a Film

When news about marriage of Charles Sobhraj with a 20-year-old Nepali fiancée, Nihita Biswas was released I wrote “loving and marrying a killer with approval of a lawyer mother looks a bit fishy!”


Avenues TV aired an interview of Nihita in which she claimed that Sobhraj was innocent and her love was for life. I wasn’t alone on suspecting their affair. Film director Narayan Puri was watching the interview and decided to cash on the story.

“I watched the program with the girl saying confidently she knew about his past but yet was ready to marry him and I was very impressed,” Puri said. “I realized that it’s not only people with a positive image who have fans. It can happen to even a prisoner behind bars. I also realized what an intelligent man Sobhraj was and how his taking to crime was a loss for society.”

Puri is going to make a movie named “Badshah” based on the love story of Sobhraj and Nihita. In the movie, actor Rajesh Hamal will play the role of a character representing Charles Sobhraj.

We can expect a lot of made-up stories and unrelated scenes in the film as the director told, “My film is not the true story of Charles Sobhraj.”

2 thoughts on “Love Affair of Charles Sobhraj and Nihita Biswas to be made a Film

  1. hey i really appreciate NIHITA BISWAS. she is a VERY BOLD GIRL.. i liked her SPIRIT. so what if she loves a criminal..LOVE CAN HAPPEN WIth ANYONE,ANYTIME ,ANYWHERE. i WISH HER ALL MY LUCK so that she can get her loved man!!

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