Increasing number of Film related Nepali websites

With increased number of films being made in recent time, film related websites are also in increasing trends. I have reviewed some film related websites.

The first film related magazine in Nepal was ‘Kamana‘ but they never made a good enough website to talk about. The group that publishes Kamana is not that interested in website and they are pretty happy with the printed publication. The screenshot on the right speaks volumes on its online presence.

As far as I know, the first dedicated film related website was The site is still there but it doesn’t get updated that frequently. The site is full of age-old stories that no one is interested in.

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Nihita and Shakuntala released from jail

After 24 hours in jail, wife and mother-in-law of serial-killer, Charles Sobhraj, were released. In the court Nihita reportedly realized her mistake and told that it was unintentional. She also asked for mercy in the court. The issue however is not finalized yet. The proceeding will resume on Friday, August 6.

Nihita Biswas and her mother Shakuntala were arrested when the court proceedings took time to finish.

The Supreme Court ha
d summoned
the mother and daughter to clarify their after-verdict reaction when Charles Sobhraj was convicted.

MaHa, congratulation for a Rs. 100K award!

Congratulation MaHa, for the selection to receive this year’s Basudev Luitel award!

MaHa, the Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansha Acharya comedy artists duo, is selected to receive this year’s Basudev Luitel award for the theaters category. The award has a cash prize of Rs. 111,111.00.

Basudev Luitel award is given away in three different fields every years and theater is one of the fields. Selection of the winners of the other two fields, literature and cartoon art, is yet to be announced.

The prize is distributed on the birthday of Basudev Luitel on Bhadra 23 (this year, September 8, 2010).