Nihita and Shakuntala released from jail

nihita_released After 24 hours in jail, wife and mother-in-law of serial-killer, Charles Sobhraj, were released. In the court Nihita reportedly realized her mistake and told that it was unintentional. She also asked for mercy in the court. The issue however is not finalized yet. The proceeding will resume on Friday, August 6.

Nihita Biswas and her mother Shakuntala were arrested when the court proceedings took time to finish.

The Supreme Court ha
d summoned
the mother and daughter to clarify their after-verdict reaction when Charles Sobhraj was convicted.

2 thoughts on “Nihita and Shakuntala released from jail

  1. yes cs judges now both of them bowed the law i mean sakuntala n nihita if they confess their mistakes you have to consider on the matter, but act accordingly, all the best,

  2. nihita n shakutala are wild lady in nepal both women are trying to encourage the convict , sovaraj is international wanted man how come this nihita married man in behind bar she wanna expose her as supper lady in vain she is fighting in court for nothing she is dame girl for sovraj thats all

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