Nisha Adhikari and Sharad Veshwkar breakup?

In a latest report, the actress Nisha Adhikari and her cricketer boyfriend have broken up. The rumor as surfaced as Nisha suddenly headed to the USA for a vacation on Saturday. Her travel was revealed when Nisha shared a status on her transit in Abu Dhabi. (read about to rumor in

In the Facebook status, Nisha has avoided the questions about the breakup rumors although she has replied to other queries. Her silence, sort-of, confirms the problem in the relationship.

nisha adhikari facebook status in USA

As a lot of Nepali actors have relocated to the USA in the past, question arises if Nisha has a long term plan of living there. Her filmy career in Nepal hasn’t been that much exciting as she has failed give any commercially successful movie, so far.

In the past, Nisha used  to share everything in Facebook. She has also shared her relationship with Sharad and shared photos of them together in various programs. Hence, Nisha’s recent silence about her USA travel has raised questions. The Facebook page, that Nisha and Sharad used to run jointly, has also been deactivated recently.

In a past interview in ‘Saptahik’ weekly, Nisha had told that she was interested in marrying Sharad. In the other hand, Sharad hasn’t talked about his relationship with Nisha publicly. As neither Sharad nor Nisha are willing to talk about the relationship now, we would give it a benefit of doubt and hope  they continue to be lovers.

Nisha has shared her current location as Irving, Texas. There is no word on how long she plans to live in the USA. There are unconfirmed reports that the stay to be as long as 3 months long. We believe, it is a bad timing of her travel as Nisha’s movie ‘Aavash’ is re-releasing next week.

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