Rekha Thapa Rampyari release preparation, will Chhabi Raj Ojha postpone Kismat 2?

New movies of Rekha Thapa and her ex-husband Chhabi Raj Ojha, ‘Rampyari’ and ‘Kismat 2’ are currently scheduled to release on the year end (on Chaitra 26). According to latest sightings, it is likely that Rekha might stick to that date and Chhabi might stay clear of the date. When asked to Chhabi, he denied such change in release date, but my analysis is different from what Chhabi has told.

Video report on analysis:

Additional analysis

After the divorce, every movies Chhabi and Rekha had produced were initially scheduled to release on the same date:

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Nisha Adhikari and Sharad Veshwkar breakup?

In a latest report, the actress Nisha Adhikari and her cricketer boyfriend have broken up. The rumor as surfaced as Nisha suddenly headed to the USA for a vacation on Saturday. Her travel was revealed when Nisha shared a status on her transit in Abu Dhabi. (read about to rumor in

In the Facebook status, Nisha has avoided the questions about the breakup rumors although she has replied to other queries. Her silence, sort-of, confirms the problem in the relationship.

As a lot of Nepali actors have relocated to the USA in the past, question arises if Nisha has a long term plan of living there. Her filmy career in Nepal hasn’t been that much exciting as she has failed give any commercially successful movie, so far.

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Poojana Pradhan and Shivam Pokharel in relationships

Both Poojana Pradhan and Shivam Pokharel have announced that they are in relationships at around the same time. We are NOT SURE if they are in relationship with each others or with some body else.

We have linked them together because, they were linked before too. Although Poojana had rejected such relationship, Shivam had clearly stated "me and my life" in a photo of them (see the screenshot in on November 19, 2013. At that time, Poojana had responded by saying that she commenting that it was only a rumor. Shivam had later removed the photo and the comment. His comment written on November 21 is still there – "Timi chhau Ra ta Sapana chha sakar Garne chahana chha. I love u my heart."

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Sushma Karki accused her ex-boyfriend for the downturn of her career

Talking for the first time on camera after numerous incidents with her ex-boyfriend, actress Sushma Karki has told that they had broken-up a month ago. She has opened up her mouth after the latest incident between the two in a restaurant in Kathmandu. She has told that they won’t patch up again.

In the interview, Sushma said that she has now realized how bad Niran was to her and her career. She accused Niran to be the reason behind the downturn of her acting and entertainment career.

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Sushma Karki and Niran Shrestha break up, again

Now it is official, actress Sushma Karki and music artist Niran Shrestha have finally broken up for the second time. That happened in Best Food Café in Putalisadak when the issue between them became physical.

The relationship started towards the end of 2012 and they broke up within a year of the relationship. They had recently patched up and had started living together again. They had also invested in a restaurant. Sushma also celebrated her birthday in the restaurant. When the business didn’t go as expected, they sold it and went in a tour together. While in the tour, Niran had beaten Sushma while in back-stage in a cultural show in Dharan. Like the previous one, the second teremm of their relationship also didn’t last a year.

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Shree Krishna says his relationship with Sweta is "very strong"

There was a rumor about disagreement between Shree Krishna Shrestha and Sweta Khadka last week. Newspapers wrote that Shree krishna Shrestha wasn’t happy with Sweta because of her miniskirt appearance in her upcoming movie Haasi Deu Ek Fera.

It was after they worked together in Kahaan Bhetiyela people had started to link Shree Krishna and Sweta together. They however deny any affairs and told that they were "just good friends".

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