Saugat Malla and Shristi Shrestha affair rumour, is it true?

Rumours are just rumours, totally unreliable. When facts are doctored and altered to support the rumour, the rumour’s reliability goes down the drain. That is what has happened to the recent rumour of affair between Miss Nepal 2012, Shristi Shrestha and Haku Kale of ‘Loot’, Saugat Malla. Watch the following video report on what had happened:

I read a gossip article in an online film-magazine that Saugat Malla and Shristi Shrestha were seen together watching ‘Jhumkee’. The report says that they had tried their best to keep themselves from the prying eyes. The photo shared in the report doesn’t show faces and there is no other proof on the claim. I would have believed in the report if the second photo of the report weren’t doctored.
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Garima Pant in love with a NRN?

The 2-years long affair of actress Garima Pant has recently been unveiled. According to rumors, Garima is seeing a Belgium resident, Hari Sharma Thapaliya for the last two years and they are very serious on the relationship. There is a possibility that the two are planning to get married soon.

garima pant and hari sharma thapaliya

Garima and Hari Sharma met when Garima went to Belgium for various cultural shows in Europe during the August of 2013. Actresses Nandita KC and singer Rima Gurung Hoda were also with Garima in that tour.

Hari is running a restaurant business in Belgium. He was married to a Chinese woman until he met Garima. After meeting Garima, Hari reportedly has divorced the Chinese woman. As the relationship become close, Hari has frequently visited Nepal to meet Garima.

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Bhuwan KC having an affair with Jiya KC?

Actor Bhuwan KC is known as a playboy in Nepali movie industry and he has ample proofs to prove the statement true. After the divorce with his last wife Sushmita Bamjan, Bhuwan is alone and was linked with a businesswoman, Sarmila Dangol, previously. Now, in another rumor, Bhuwan might be having an affair with the controversial ‘ATM‘ actress, Jiya KC.

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Manisha divorce rumor ‘fake’?

Bollywood actress of Nepali origin, Manisha Koirala is in Kathmandu now for the opening of Sushila Art Academy. Sushila Art Academy is named after Sushila Koirala, the wife of first elected prime minister of Nepal, BP Koirla.

In a question about her divorce rumors Manisha told that, “the medias have made unnecessary issues. We are as we used to be.” But, in spite of her denying, her husband Samrat Dahal wasn’t with her in the program.

Manisha admitted that she can’t multitask. When she wanted to live in family, she could work as artist and had to stay away from movies. Now, she is working in movies and planning to produce movies – indicating her lack of desire to become a family person.

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Rekha and Chhabi divorce rumor

It is no secret that the husband-wife relationship between the actress Rekha Thapa and film producer Chhabi Raj Ojha is in trouble these days. In a latest rumor, Chhabi was quoted as talking about divorce with Rekha.

According to an online news Dcnepal, Chhabi confided with Aryan Sigdel during the inauguration of a movie, "So Simple" that the divorce rumor was true. Chhabi had also asked Aryan to work in his upcoming movie.

Rekha and Chhabi are married for 10 years and they
had been very successful in Nepali movie industry.

Manisha Koirala divorce rumor won’t go away

Various Indian media have published a rumor about Manisha Koirala initiating the paperwork of divorce filing.

In the view of past events, we can confidently say that the marriage between the Bollywood star Manisha Koirala and Nepali businessman Samrat Dahal is not working. That is the reason, people tend to believe every divorce rumors of the couple.

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Rajesh Hamal – A woman claims to be his wife

UPDATE: It seems it was a false alarm and the woman wanted to get limelight by connecting herself to Rajesh Hamal.  Rajesh Hamal’s assistant Acharya had told that the family members of Bal Kumari had called Hamal to say sorry for the incident. Hamal says that he had never known the woman or anybody in her family. It is likely that Bal Kumari has mental problem. (Bal Kumari’s photo and the original article follows)


A police Hawaldar, Bal Kumari Adhikari of Jyotinagar, Chitwan has claimed to have married the actor in 2050 BS. The woman has also claimed that Hamal is the father of three of her children.

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Manisha Koirala – How the divorce rumor started…

As a saying goes – there won’t be smoke without fire, there is also a reason behind the Manisha Koirala divorce rumor.

After returning from the honeymoon, Manisha Koirala and her husband Samrat Dahal were living in a rented house in Budhanilakantha. These days however, she is living in her parent’s house at Bansbari. That was the reason many suspected that she had misunderstandings with her husband and has left her home to live with her parents.

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