Rekha Thapa movie Himmatwali starts in Mahendranagar

The shooting of an upcoming movie of Rekha Films, ‘Himmatwali’ has started in Mahendranagar on Shivaratri day. Rekha Thapa performed chasing stunts in horseback on the first day of shooting.

rekha thapa himmatwali shooting on shivaratri

The movie is being directed by Shyam Bhattarai and is being cinematographed by Ramsharan Upreti. Rekha is also introducing a new actor in the movie, most probably the disabled climber Sudarshan Gautam.

The shooting of the movie started at Piplati of Mahendranagar. The movie expected to cost Rs. 5 million will feature a new lead actor. Like other Rekha Thapa movie, this is also an action movie and is female oriented.

The movie features music of Basanta Sapkota and Tanka Budhathoki. The movie is targeted to release in coming Dashain festival. It is Rekha’s ex-husband Chhabi Raj Ojha‘s tactic to release movies in Dashain for their success. The success of Rekha’s last movie ‘Kali‘ is attributed to the timing of the release during Dashain festival.

3 thoughts on “Rekha Thapa movie Himmatwali starts in Mahendranagar

  1. तिम्रो र मेरो कहानी बेग्लै
    यो हाम्रो प्रेमको निशानी बेग्लै
    ऊ हेर..! आँखा गाड्दैछ दुनियाँ
    हो रैछ, हाम्रो जवानी बेग्लै
    प्रेमको बलि चढ्नेले भन्छन,
    छ हाम्रो मायाको राजधानी बेग्लै
    हराएर हामी प्रेमको नशामा
    गरौँ की कतै मनमानी बेग्लै
    मलाइनी यही लाग्दैछ चिन्ता
    हुन्छ कि हाम्रो जिन्दगानी बेग्लै

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