Rekha Thapa’s statement about giving birth out of wedlock stirs protest

In an interview with a TV program actress Rekha Thapa told that she is not interested in getting married again. But, she also added that she wanted to be a mother. After the divorce with her ex-husband Chhabi Raj Ojha Rekha is living with her mother. She is currently shooting her upcoming movie ‘Kali’.

kali Rekha Thapa and her producer mother 2

Rekha wanted to make a life partner out of wedlock and live with him. To give examples of women living without a male partner, she gave the examples of Nepali actresses like Mithila Sharma and Koma Oli.

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Rekha Thapa joins politics, now a Maoist officially (video)

The top actress of Nepali film industry, Rekha Thapa, has joined CPN (Maoist) in a formal ceremony held in the party’s office in Parisdanda. In the program held to welcome new members Rekha and CPN UML leader nad ex-minister Urmila Aryal.

In the program Rekha told that she comes from a political family and she has chosen the party as it is the only party advocating the poor.

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Minister Prabhu Shah called back by the party

The ruling party, Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) has decided to call back its minister, Prabhu Shah, due to the controversy surrounding his involvement in the murder of the leader of Hindu Yuba Sangh, Kashi Tiwari. The Land Reforms Minister Prabhu Shah was also accused of paying Rs. 800,000 to the relatives of Tiwari to settle the case and remain silent.

Although the party has called back the minister, it has cautiously mentioned that Shah is innocent, legally. Let’s hope he will be trailed independently and justice will be gi
ven to the victim/s.

Maoists ready for new UML government

Dev Gurung, senior leader of the Unified CPN (Maoist) has said that his party will accept a new government under the leadership of CPN (UML). In the current situation, it does not seem like the other political parties will accept a government led by Maoists. Therefore, his party (CPN Maoist) is ready to accept a new government led by CPN (UML).

Though his party should have the first claim for leadership in the country by the virtue of his party being the single largest party in the constitution assembly, Maoists are ready to accept the chairman Jhala Nath Khanal as the new prime minister of Nepal.

The Maoist politburo, however, will defeat the candidacy of Poudel by voting ag
ainst him if the candidacy of NC parliamentary party leader Ram Chandra Poudel for the post of prime minister still stands.

Wikileaks – Maoist used to sell weapons to Indian Naxals

Wikileaks has uncovered the document sent by US Embassy in New Delhi on 18 April 2006 to the State Department in Washington that mentions – “the Indian Government believes the Nepalese Maoists sold arms to the Indian Naxlite”.

However, the document does not show any operational links between the Maoists in Nepal and India.

Nepal: As noted above, the GOI does not believe
that domestic Naxals and Nepalese Maoists maintain any
significant operational links, except for some commercial
arms sales from the Nepalese to the Naxals. Nepalese Maoists,
however, appear to enjoy relatively free movement within
Naxal-held areas in India along the 1,700 km open border.
While we frequently hear reports of Nepalese Maoist
leaders (including the Number 1 and Number 2 Prachanda and
Baburam Bhattarai) spending long periods of time in India
with leftist sympathizers, the GOI has assured us repeatedly
that it gives no quarter to Nepalese Maoists, and several
high-ranking Maoists are being held in Indian jails.

Yet another cable sent earlier this year from the US Embassy in New Delhi, an embassy official claimed that Nepalese police officers are paid to arrest Tibetan refugees by China. These Tibetan refugees are arrested who are trying to cross the border. This information is contained in a document entitled ‘Update on Tibetan refugee flow’. This information was sent by an unknown official from the embassy.

Sole PM candidate didn't win – Weird Nepal!

Even after one of the two contestants for the post of Prime Minister, UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal, has finally pulled himself out from the prime ministerial race another candidate, Ram Chandra Paudel of Nepali Congress (NC), refused to give up.

What is more strange is that the sole candidate, Poudel, failed to secure majority yet again in the eighth round of voting on Sunday.

Only 189 lawmakers out of 598 active members in the 601-seat parliament, casted their votes in the election. Poudel
, the sole candidate, secured a mere 116 votes and was declared defeated.