Controversy Queen of 2069 – Rekha Thapa

At the time of welcoming the new year 2070 BS, let’s talk about the most talked about actresses in the year 2069. Actress Rekha Thapa has become the most talked about in actress xNepali in 2069. So the title of ‘Controversy Queen of 2069 goes to Rekha Thapa!

REKHA THAPA controvery queen 2069

After Rekha, the runner-up of the Controversy Queen 2069 is Sumina Ghimire. She jumped into the next-to-the-top position in the last days of the year when she let her anger rule in a telephone conversation with a journalist. None other than Sushma Karki took the second runner-up title with numerous controversies involving directors and boy friends.

Let’s only talk about the winner, Rekha Thapa:

The year started with the divorce rumor and confirmation by both Rekha and Chhabi Raj although no legal confirmation was publicized. When Chhabi registered Chhabi Raj Films, the divorce was considered confirmed. After being single, Rekha discussed the possibility of her career in politics with an astrologer. Her attempt to get herself appointed as the head of Film Development Board might have been according to the suggestion of the astrologer. But, when the political lobbying didn’t work, she went to USA in a month-long tour.

In the US her controversial decision to cancel her Malaysia visit was also highly criticized. After her return, her statement about homeless Nepali in the US was also criticized by the NRN living in the USA.

Rekha’s relationship with the FDB head ‘Pappu’ and smoking marijuana and getting appointed the advisor of FDB were also the talks of the film industry. Rekha meeting Khum Bahadur Khadka in jail was also considered one of the worst moves of the actress. As an actress Rekha’s ‘Malatiko Bhatti’ was successful.

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For reference, Top 6 list of Nepali actresses in goes like:

  • Rekha Thapa
  • Priyanka Karki
  • Sumina Ghimire
  • Nisha Adhikari
  • Jiya KC
  • Sushma Karki

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