Wives of Top 10 Nepali actors (and more)

If common saying is to be believed, wives are the other half of a person. We know the actors very much, but it seems, we don’t care much of the other half of the celebrities. Recently, I prepared a video about the wives of the top 10 actors in the Nepali movie industry. While preparing the list, I felt like adding the names of some additional actors at the end after talking about the top 10.

Now, I feel like finding out all the wives of all the actors of the Nepali movie industry. Before I start listing the wives of the actors, you can watch the details about the top 10 actors in the following video. In addition to the wives I have also mentioned about the number of their children.

Before diving into the full list, let me list the top 5 actors in the list and the reason why they were listed in the top position:

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Resham Filili actor Vinay Shrestha marries Aney Thapa

A well known actor, featured in leading role in hit film ‘Resham Filili’ Vinay Shrestha has married Aney Thapa in an event held in a party palace in Tinkune. Aney and Vinay were having affair for the last three years. They were engaged last year (I wrote about their engagement at that time).

Video report:

Vinay had revealed about his affair in June of 2015, two and a half months before the engagement. Aney is a beauty therapist by profession.

Vinay’s affair with Richa Sharma

Vinay Shrestha and Richa Sharma were seeing each other for a long time before they broke up in 2013. They had produced a movie called ‘Visa Girl’. The movie made in association with Chaudhary Group didn’t do well in theatre. The failure of the movie is often cited as the reason that caused the problem in the relationship between Richa and Vinay.

Watch ‘Visa Girl’ here.
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Resham Filili actor Vinay Shrestha and Aney Thapa engaged

The lead actor of the movie in theter, ‘Resham Filili’, Vinay Shrestha performed an engagement ceremony with his girlfriend of two years, Aney Thapa. Aney, a resident of the UK had recently arrived in Nepal for the ceremony. (we wrote about the affair of Vinay and Aney earlier.)

aney and vinay

According to report, the engagement ceremony was held last week. The marriage is scheduled to be held in Falgun. A student in UK, Aney had arrived in Nepal recently for the engagement ceremony.

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Resham Filili actor Vinay Shrestha found a girlfriend in UK

The ‘Resham Filili’ lead actor Vinay Shrestha has shared a photo with his girlfriend in his Facebook profile. The photo with the comment, “Defying my career’s demand…” has Aney Thapa tagged in it. Aney has responded by sharing the photo as her profile picture.

Vinay’s girlfriend Aney Thapa is currently studying in UK.  Aney had recently visited Nepal. During her return, Vinay had gone to the airport to see her off.

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