Resham Filili to re-release on August 28

The movie ‘Resham Filili,’ released on a day before the devastating earthquake of April 25, 2015 is going to re-release after four months – on August 28, 2015. The producer of the movie, Madhav Wagle has announced the new date after a month of the first release. The movie became a very awaited movie on the success of one of the songs – ‘Jalama …’ The Sukul Premier of the movie a day before the release was also appreciated by the media.

resham filili.releasing

On the second day of the release, the movie show had to be halted because of the earthquake that claimed more than eight thousand lives. The movies scheduled to release on the following weeks were also canceled. The theaters remained closed for a whole month. Even after a month of closure, the viewers are still reluctant to go to the theater to watch movies. Some of the theaters are still closed for the repair of damage caused by earthquake.

‘Resham Filili’ is directed by Pranav Joshi and features Binaya Shrestha, Karma Shakya, Kameshowr Chaurasiya and Menuka Pradhan in leading role. In addition to ‘Resham Filili’, actor Nikhil Upreiti‘s comeback movie ‘Bhairav’ is also scheduled to release on August 28.

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