Resham Filili actor Vinay Shrestha and Aney Thapa engaged

The lead actor of the movie in theter, ‘Resham Filili’, Vinay Shrestha performed an engagement ceremony with his girlfriend of two years, Aney Thapa. Aney, a resident of the UK had recently arrived in Nepal for the ceremony. (we wrote about the affair of Vinay and Aney earlier.)

aney and vinay

According to report, the engagement ceremony was held last week. The marriage is scheduled to be held in Falgun. A student in UK, Aney had arrived in Nepal recently for the engagement ceremony.

For his finance, Vinay had organized a special show of ‘Resham Filili’ in the evening of Sunday, August 30. Vinay, Aney and their closed friends were invited to watch the movie together in the special show.

XNepali team congratulates Vinay and Aney for the start of the new chapter in their lives.

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