Rhythm completes 51 days in theaters

At the time when most of the releases have been unsuccessful in winning the hearts of the viewers, ‘Rhythm’ has completed 51 days in theaters.

Running for more than 7 weeks in theaters is considered one of the signs of successful movies. In the recent past ‘Loot‘ and ‘Saayad‘ were the two movies that were successful in celebrating 51-days record.

Director Bikash Acharya‘s ‘Rhythm’ features Jiwan Luitel, Wilson Bikram Rai, Sweta Bhattarai, Nishma Ghimire, Anubhav Regmi and Nir Shah in main roles. The movie features the songs of Krishna Hari Baral, choreography of Kabiraj Gahatraj, cinematography of Sambhu Sapkota and is produced by Pradip Dahal.

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