Sanchita Luitel becomes a bride, in Khatarnak

Sanchita had eloped with actor Nikhil Upreti few years ago. It was a run-away marriage and she didn’t become a bride in that marriage. But, she has recently become a bride for an upcoming movie, ‘Khatarnak’.

sanchita luitel marriage

In the movie, she is marrying the debuting actor Dinesh KC. The movie also features actress Harshika Shrestha. Harshika met with an accident and broke her leg during the shooting of the movie in Hetauda.

Sanchita Luitel made a comeback in ‘Nai Nabhannu La 3’ after being absent in the film industry for about four years. In that time she married Nikhil and gave birth to two children. At the time she left the industry, Sanchita was considered the most potential actress in the industry.

Sanchita is being featured  in a number of new movies in recent days. She is also going to be featured with her husband Nikhil in an upcoming movie ‘Champaion’.

Produced by Roshan Tendukar, ‘Khatarnak’ is the directorial venture of Rishi Neupane. The choreographer of the movie is Narayan Rijal.

Rishi Neupane has previously directed ‘Takkar Dui Mutuko’ (watch ‘Takkar Dui Mutuko’ here), Don (watch ‘Don’ here) and Luck (watch ‘Luck’ here) among others.

sanchita luitel in khatarnak

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