Nepali Movie – Karbahi

karbahiNepali Film – Karbahi
Starring, Raj Lama, Mahima Silwal, Rajan Maharjan, Samrat Basnet, Deepa Thapa, Sunil Thapa etc.
Director – Kishor Rana Magar

The movie ‘Karbahi’ is a presentation of NP Films by Narayan Mainali.The movie marks the debut of Mahima Silwal in the Nepali movie industry. Naresh Poudel and Subhash Gajurel are featured in guest roles in the movie. Krishna Siwakoti is featured in a special role. The movie is made on the story of Narayan Mainali, dialogue of CP Sharma, music of Rajendra Shrestha, graphics of DR Giri, editing of Kiran Giri, and the director Kishor Rana Magar has written the script of the movie. The movie was released on December 14, 2012.

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Nepali Movie – Loot Company

loot companyNepali Film – Loot Company
Starring – Prajwal Giri, Dil Krishna Shrestha, Sanjog Rana, Nischal Dahal, Pusta Ghimire, Bhuwan Bhujel, Deepak Shrestha, Deepa Thapa etc.
Director – Suraj Chand Thakuri

Watch ‘Loot Company’ in single part:

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Four movies releasing this week

This week, on December 14, 2012 four Nepali movies are releasing in the theaters. Movies ‘Shyana’ and ‘Karbhahi’ are releasing all over Nepal, ‘Bhul Bhaya Maaf Gara’ is releasing in Kathmandu after it’s 2-years-old release in theaters out of Kathmandu. ‘Love You Man’ is releasing in the theaters out of Kathmandu.


SP Movie Maker’s ‘Shyana’ is directed by Sameer Miya and produced by Suraj Pradhan. The movie made on love story features actor Prasant Giri, Khusbu Khadga, Saloni Gurung, and Madan Shrestha in main roles. The movie was shot in various locations in Pa
lpa, Lumbini, Narayangad and Kathmandu. The movie features the cinematography of Binod Sapkota, choreography of Ratna Joshi and Suresh Chaudahri. The special effects in the movie is also told to be unique and interesting.

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