Film Artists Association honor Garima Pant and Joes Pandey

To honor and appreciate the success of ‘Jhola’ actress Garima Pant and ‘Sanghuro’ director Joes Pandey, Nepal Film Artists Association organized a program on June 23. In the program, the artists were honored by Special Honor Certificate.

Video of the honor ceremony:

Talking at the ceremony Garima Pant and Joes Pandey appreciated the honor provided by the organization. Garima told that the award she and Joes got was actually an award for the entire film industry. She said, the award has proven that our film industry is of international standard. She also appreciated the help of actress Laxmi Giri during the shooting of the movie.

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Dinesh Sharma defends himself, says he isn’t involved in fraud

In response to the report of fraud of foreign employment of various people as film artists, actor Dinesh Sharma has told that he is not involved in any such schemes. Dinesh has released a press statement asking the responsible authority to investigate the issue and bring out the truth.

dinesh sharma photo

Some victims of fraud had lodged a complaint against Sharma and three others stating that the team had cheated them of Rs. 40 million in promised foreign employment in Belgium.

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