Richa Singh Thakuri produces a movie, Super Gorkhe

After being absent for a year after her marriage last year, actress Richa Singh Thakuri is producing a movie titled ‘Super Gorkhe’. The shooting of the movie directed by her husband Gajendra Thapa is in its last stage. The movie featuring Richa in leading role also features Nirajan Luitel, Suraj Singh Thakuri and Kamana Bhujel in main roles.

richa singh thakuri7

Richa Singh Thakuri and Gajendra Thapa were married on June 20, 2014. That was a month after the release of her movie ‘Khudkilo’ (watch ‘Khudkilo’ here).

The shooting of ‘Super Gorkhe’ was done in various locations in Dharan and Biratnager. The action movie features action of Chandra Panta and cinematography of Saurav Lama.

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Richa Singh Thakuri marries Gajendra Thapa (Photos)

Actress Richa Singh Thakuri has married Australian NRN Gajendra Thapa in an event held in Kathmandu on June 20, 2014 (as announced earlier). This is one more marriage of a Nepali celebrity in a long list of the marriages of celebrities this year.

A resident of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Gajendra had directed a music video featuring Richa Singh Thakuri in the start of 2013. The debut music video of Gajendra titled ‘Ko ho Timi …’ is considered the seed to germinate the love between Richa and Gajendra. Gajendra is a brother of Dhirendra Raj Thapa (‘Dhuwani’ fame).

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