6 movies to release on the year end, filmmaking yet to start

Nepali movie industry is a very strange type of industry. In our film industry, most of the business logics fail economic has the least effect on film making. Because of the lack of professionalism in the industry, personal ego and social status are considered more important than the economic viability of the movie. The announcement of 6 movies on the same day, at the end of the year, can considered one of such examples.

On the last Friday of the year 2072 BS, on Chaitra 26 (April 8, 2016), six different movie makers have announced the release date of their movies. It is interesting that five out of the six movies are yet to go to the floor yet. The movies are:

nepali films

Out of these movies, only the movie ‘Lootera’ has completed its shooting. The movie featuring Nikhil Upreti was previously announced to be released in Tihar but now the release date has been delayed by 5 months. The crew and artists of some of the movies are yet to be determined.

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Nepali Movie – Kaha Chau Kaha

Nepali film – Kaha Chau Kaha
Starring Jharana Thapa, Biraj Bhatt, Govind Shahi, Ganesh Upreti, Mukunda Thapa, Kamal Krishnaetc.
DirectorDayaram Dahal

Kaha Chau Kaha was a hit movie of the year 2009-10. The movie is the presentation of Shiva Shankar Films by Govind Shahi.
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