Nepali actresses nominated for Music videos model award

In a music video award ‘Rastriya Rapti Music Award 2070’ to be held soon, all the nominated music video models are actresses. The nominated actresses include: Keki Adhikari, Binita Baral, Nandita KC, Jharana Thapa, and Shilpa Pokharel. Four out of the five nominated models are established film actress. The only model, Shilpa is also going to be featured in Chhabi Raj Ojha‘s upcoming movie ‘Lazza’.

music video award nomination

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Shilpa Pokhrel to debut in Lazza, Chhabi changing actresses

Producer Chhabi Raj Ojha is going to introduce a new actress – Shilpa Pokhrel in his upcoming movie ‘Lazza’. Chhabi announced the new movie with the announcement of the release of ‘Loafer’

lazza team

‘Lazza’ is going to feature Aryan Sigdel, Mithila Sharma, Kiran KC, Hiuwala Gautam and Shilpa Pokhrel. The movie is being directed by Nawal Nepal, known for directing Kalyan Ghimire’s ‘Shreeman’ and ‘Mahasush’.

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Chhabi’s new movie Lazza to feature Aryan Sigdel and Shilpa Pokharel

The inauguration of an upcoming movie ‘Lazza’ was held in the Ganesh mandir of Kamaladi on October 28. Producer Chhabi Raj Ojha and director Nawal Nepal inaugurated the movie by offering puja in the temple. Chhabi’s another movie ‘Loafer’ is releasing in theater on Mangsir 21.

shilpa and aryan

Although the movie was inaugurated on Monday, the shooting will not start until after the Tihar festival. In the mean time the lead actor Aryan Sigdel is busy in his home production ‘November Rain’. The movie is the debut movie of Aryan’s opposite Shilpa Pokharel. Shilpa, a well known model in music videos, has taken a formal training on acting in preparation of the movie.

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