LG Award for the Flop Films and Flop actors

Bollywood actor Govinda was the main attraction, the Deputy President, Nanda Bahadur Pun, was the chief guest. The award ceremony was well organized. But, all the awards were distributed to flop films. The awards were distributed in such a manner that only the winners were invited in the program. Those who participated in the award ceremony were sure to get one of the awards.

Best Film – wasn’t best film at all
The best film of the year was ‘Timi Sanga’. That film was nowhere near best. People didn’t watch the film. It also got the Best Screenplay award too. It also got the Best Actor award. By the business the film did, it should have won the “Worst Film of the Year”.

Best Actor Award
Nazir Hussain for his role in ‘Timi Sanga’. Nazir wasn’t the lead actor of the movie. The lead actor was Akash Shrestha. Nazir was supporting actor. He should have won “Best Supporting Actor”, if any. The movie was one of the flop film of the year. The third film of actress Samragyee RL Shah, ‘Timi Sanga’
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LG Film Award 2017 winners, Jatra becomes best movie

A new award LG Cine Circle Award 2017 was held in Kathmandu on August 7, Monday in the Army Officers Club, Sundhara. In the award ceremony ‘Jatra’ was awarded the bst movie of the year. In the award ceremony awards in 22 different categories were awarded.

In the ceremony, action director NB Maharjna was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award worth Rs. 51,000. The deputy president Nanda Bahadur Pun was the chief guest of the ceremony. The ‘Maitighar’ film unit, comprising of actor CP Lohani and Mala Sinha were also honoured during the ceremony. Lohani and Sinha had come to Nepal to attend the ceremony.

Award wining movies:

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Too many awards – same categories, same winners, winners didn’t show up

Do you know who is most excited to win an award in an award ceremony?

The first time winners are the most excited and enthusiastic when an award is announced. But, when the winner of the Best Newcomer Award doesn’t show up in an award ceremony to receive the award, there is something seriously wrong. I don’t know if that had happened in the other award ceremonies as well but, I felt it odd when the winner of Best Newcomer award, Samragyee RL Shah, didn’t show up to receive the award in NFDC National Award ceremony, held recently.

Video report:

I think, that was because, she had already won the award and there is no charm in winning more than one awards for the same movie and same role.

I wonder, how Namrata Shrestha could even feel happy – winning awards for the same thing – again and again, and again for the fifth time. Yes, she won Best Actress awards for the same role in ‘Classic’ – five different awards:

  • National Award
  • FAAN Award
  • D Cine Award
  • LG Film Award
  • NFDC Award

I am pretty sure she will win more awards in future. If I were her, after winning the Nation Award, from the President of Nepal, Bidhya Devi Bhandari, I wouldn’t have attended any other award ceremonies.
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