Friday Release – White Sun and Parcel

Two new movies ‘Seto Surya’ and ‘Parcel’ were released on Friday, December 9, 2016. ‘Seto Sury’ is a movie by director Deepak Rauniyar and ‘Parcel’ is directed by Rabin Shrestha.

Seto Surya (White Sun)

The movie ‘Seto Surya’ was featured in the 27th Singapur Film Festival and was awarded the Best Asian Feature Film award and cash prize of Rs. 4.3 million. The movie by Deepak Rauniyar was also featured in Venice Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival, Bushan Film Festival, Film Forum the South, Mumbai Film Festival etc. The movie made on the story of a remote village during the Maoist war.
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Parcel, a Lahure movie to be released in three months

The shooting of an upcoming movie ‘Parcal’ has completed and the film makers have promised to release it in three months. The announcement was made in a press meet organized in Dharan to inform about the movie. After 41 days of shooting the movie was completed recently and it is currently in post-production phase.

The movie is made on the story of parcels sent from foreign countries by Lahure (Nepali working in foreign army or police force). The movie was shot in Kathmandu airport and in different parts of East Nepal like Pathivara, Chatara, Ilam, Dharan and Mahendranagar. The movie directed by a debut director of Dharan, Rabin Shrestha, features a police inspector in Singapore, Prabhu Shrestha and Srijana Fago Limbu in leading roles. Other actors include Bikram Singh, Sonu Jayanti, Presika Niraula, Pooja Tamang and Kishor Sambahanfe.

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