Top 10 Classic Nepali movies from Aama to Darpan Chhaya

I have compiled a list of Top 10 old Nepali movies you shouldn’t miss. Clicks on the respective posters lead to the page with full movie. All the movies are available to watch. Half of the top 10 movies in this list are directed by Tulsi Ghimire. Others are directed by Hira Singh Khatri, Sambhu Pradhan, Nir Shah and Yadav Kharel. Five movies directed by Tusli Ghimire, two by Nir Shah and one each by Hira Singh, Sambhu Pradhan and Yadav Kharel.

1. Aama (1964) Directed by Hira Singh Khatri

First ever Nepali movie made in Nepal, by the government of Nepal is a black and white movie.
Starring – Shiva Shanker, Bhuwan Thapa (Bhuwan Chand), Uttam Nepali, Indra Lal Shrestha, Bashundhara Bhusal, Hira Singh Khatri and Hari Prasad Rimal. Watch full movie Aama here.

2. Kusume Rumal (1985) Directed by Tulsi Ghimire

Starring – Bhuwan KC, Neer Shah, Tripti Nadkar, Udit Narayan Jha etc.

Watch ‘Kusume Rumal’ here.

A sequel of the movie ‘Kusume Rumal 2’ was released in 2010. But, the movie failed to attract the viewers. (Watch ‘Kusume Rumal 2’ here)

3. Basudev (1980) directed by Nir Shah

‘Basudev’ was made on a story by a well known literatery figure Dhruba Chandra Gautam’s story ‘Kattel Sir ko Chotpatak’.

Starring: Harihar Sharma, Madan Krishna Shrestha, Hari Bansha Acharya, Neer Shah etc.

Watch ‘Basudev’ here.

4. Samjhana (1983) Directed by Shambhu Pradhan

Starring – Bhuwan KC, Tripti Naadkar, Muralidhar etc.

5. Chino (1991) Directed by Tulsi Ghimire

Starring – Bhuwan KC, Shiva Shrestha, Sunil Thapa, Subhadra Adhikari, Krishti Mainali, Sharmila Malla etc.

6. Deuta (1991) directed by Tulsi Ghimire

Starring – Rajesh Hamal, Srijana Basnet, Yuvaraj Lama etc.

7. Prem Pinda (1995) directed by Yadav Kharel

Starring – Nir Shah, Saroj Khanal, Sunny Rauniyar etc.

8. Balidaan (1996) Directed by Tulsi Ghimire

Starring – Madan Krishna Shrestha, Hari Bansha Acharya

9. Basanti (2000), Directed by Nir Shah

Casting – Rajesh Hamal, Karishma Manandhar, Gauri Malla etc.

10. Darpan Chhaya (2001), Directed by Tulsi Ghimire

Starring – Dilip Rayamajhi, Niruta Singh and Uttam Pradhan

The sequel of the super hit movie was made and released in 2017. The viewers however rejected the movie this time.

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