Top 5 Controversy Queens

In January I wrote about the top 5 controversial actresses in the Nepali movie industry. The post got a lot of viewers and the accompanying video is one of the most viewed videos in YouTube Channel. (I am preparing a video report on Top 5 Tattoo beauties which is coming soon.)

The controversial actress list was:

  1. Rekha Thapa (posts tagged Rekha thapa)
  2. Namrata Shrestha (Posts tagged Namrata Shrestha)
  3. Sushma Karki (posts tagged Sushma Karki)
  4. Pooja Lama (posts tagged Pooja Lama)
  5. Sumina Ghimire (Posts tagged Sumina Ghimire)

Now, I have one more Top 5 list: Top 5 sex scandals in the Nepali movie industry. The list has two repetations – Namrata Shrestha and Pooja Lama.

  • Shrisha Karki (Read Shrisha Karki Biography)
  • Namrata Shrestha
  • Pooja Lama
  • Jyoti Khadka
  • Anju Panta

Sex scandals are more tragic than being controversial. Controversies are sometimes good for the celebrity, but sex scandals have done more harm than good. Watch the video report:

Video report is removed for now. I will prepare an update in near future.

Controversial actresses report:

When controversy is concerned, Rekha Thapa tops the list. That is because Rekha had used controversies to her benefit and helped her become the top actress in the film industry. Some of the most controversial stuffs in Rekha’s life include:

A video highlighting Top 5 Scandals of Rekha:

rekha and sudarshan

There are not may Namrata  scandals but, one that was more damaging was the sex scandal. Others are just her relationship gossips.

Sushma Karki

Sushma Karki had been the talk of the film industry because of her scantly clad modeling shots, item dances and stage shows. Sushma had recently asked a journalist to do homework before asking her questions.

Pooja Lama
Pooja Lama is a multi-talented personality. But, because of numerous scandals she was forced to leave the industry and the country.

I had compiled a full list of scandals of Pooja Lama.

Sumina Ghimire

Actress Sumina is another actress who was forced to leave the film industry because of scandals and small-talks. Sumina was awarded the best newcomer actress award. Then, the film industry went to the downward trend. Forcing every film makers to opt for sex themed movies. None of them were successful however.

After marriage marriage Sumina left the film industry. Now, she is living with her husband and a daughter – away from limelights.

Video report:

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