Watch Nepali movie Fagu (update)

The official upload of the movie ‘Fagu’ was deleted after a while of uploading. Now, it is updated in the following page. Enjoy the movie :

About Nepali movie ‘Fagu’

The movie is a movie is set in the border of Nepal and India. It is the story of the problems faced by the people because of the the open border of between Nepal in India in the Terai. The movie was shot mostly in and around Birgunj area.

Karishma Manandhar’s movie

The movie ‘Fagu’ is the third movie of karishma Manandhar as a producer and the first movie she has produced that doesn’t have Karishma Manandahar as an actress. In the previous movies ‘Dhuk Dhuki’ and ‘Babu Saheb’ Karishma was the actress. In ‘Fagu’ she has assign actress

The movie was released on February 19, 2016 (release news).

The lead actress of the movie, Shilpa Pokhrel debuted in ‘Lazza’. Both ‘Lazza’ and ‘Hawaldar Suntali’ of the actress before ‘Fagu’s release were successful. After ‘Fagu’ Shilpa’s another movie ‘Brindaban’ was also a failure. But, Shilpa’s third movie of Chhabi Raj Ojha, ‘Kismat 2’ was successful. Now, Shilpa is debuting as a producer of her next movie ‘Mangalam’.

Female director

The movie is directed by Samjhana Upreti Rauniar. Samjhana’s husband is also related to the entertainment industry – Bikash Rauniyar is a noted photo journalist. Before signing to do ‘Fagu’ Samjhana had previously directed ‘Megha’. The movie ‘Megha’ had mega-star in it but, wasn’t as successful as expected. The lead actress in the movie was Namrata Shrestha and the actor was Siddhartha Koirala, the brother of actress Manisha Koirala.

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‘Fagu’ Facts

Name – Fagu
Released Date – February 19 2016 [Falgun 07, 2072 B.S.]
Starring – Shilpa Pokhrel, Gauri Malla, Tika Pahadi, Basanta bhatta, Pramod Agrahari, Bishnu Sapkota, Rajesh Hamal, Subash Parajuli etc.
Genre – Action, Drama
Cinematography- Ramsharan Uprety
Music: Basanta Sapkota
Action: Himal KC
Producer/s – Binod Manandhar, Milan Babu Malla, Rajan Jain, Niraj Jain, Hom Paribag, Samjhana Upreti Rauniyar, Karishma Manandhar
Director – Samjhana Upreti Rauniyar
Banner – Surya Arts pvt. Ltd in association with The Sky Movies Pvt. Ltd.

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