Will you vote for Rekha to elect her as the Deputy Mayor of Kathmandu?

As the schedule date of local level election, May 14, nears, Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) has revealed some of the details of the candidate for the poll. One of the candidate of RPP is actress Rekha Thapa.

The party hasn’t entrusted Rekha to be the Mayor but a Deputy Mayor of Kathmandu Municipality. The Mayor candidate is Rajaram Shrestha. Rajaram was the ex-speaker of the party. Rekha was elected the Central Committee Member by the Party Convention held a while ago.

This is the first time the actress is competing in an election as a politician. Earlier she had taken the membership of CPN (Maoist). In the second Constitution Assembly Election, the party had selected her as the candidate of Parsa district. But, she had to denounce the candidacy because she had forgotten to register herself in the voter’s list.

This time – Are you willing to vote for Rekha Thapa?

Who is Rekha Thapa?

One of the top actresses in the film industry a while ago is not believed to be in that position these days. Although there is no authority to rank Nepali actresses, Rekha was top because of at least some of the following facts:

  • Rekha Thapa is an outspoken,
  • Rekha Thapa is a good actress, she was popular among viewers
  • Although Rekha Thapa’s out-of-home production movies mostly flopped, her home production movies are usually commercially successful.
  • Meida loves to write about Rekha whether it is positive news or a negative. Although she isn’t kind to journalist, journalists have love-hate relationship with the actress.
  • Rekha had slapped some journalists, is not in good terms with most of the artists in the film industry,  but the viewers love her.
  • The daring actress who loves to call herself ‘hero’ – the name usually given to the male actors.

Rekha Thapa is currently busy in the pre-production of her upcoming movie ‘Rudrapriya’. Rekha’s recent release ‘Palash’ was a failure. Rekha’s next release is going to be released the following week after the local election, to be held on Jestha 5. The election result certainly have an effect in the success of the moive.

Some of the recent post movies of Rekha Thapa isn xNepali :

A video of Rekha’s election to the CC Member of RPP.

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