A peon is the air trafficking officer in an airport in Nepal

Yes, it can only happen in Nepal!

An office boy, an attendant, or a person kept around for odd jobs – called ‘peon’ in Nepal is taking over the responsibility of the Air Trafficking Officer in one of the airports in Nepal. Government newspaper, Gorkhapatra reported that the peon is performing the job of air traffic controller due to the lack of human resource at the airport.

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How to find the SLC result – SLC 2067

UPDATE 2012 – Result of SLC 2068 is posted here
UPDATE 2011 – This page was created for 2010
Reults of SLC 2067 and result on 2068 are posted in – this page.

Download link – SLC (result on 2068) – Regular (4 mb PDF file)
and Exempted (320 kb) PDF
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UPDATE:  On 23 August, 2010 the SLC board published the results of exempted examinees of the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) held August 15-27 this year. This was the supplementary examinations of those students, who failed in two or less subjects in the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) 2010. Out of the total of 137,752 students none got the distinction mark. The pass percentage however was an impressive 67.4% (67,930 students). The pass number of girls is also higher than that of boys (35,711 girls against 34,219 boys). Only 1,551 of the students got first division marks, 51,069 got second division marks, and remaining 17,310 got third division marks. Exam of 18 students was canceled.
SLC result for 2067 is out today (July 2, 2010). This year, a total of 456, 719 including 412,592 in regular and 44,126 in exempted, appeared in the SLC examination and out of which 64.31% (247,689) passed it.

67.31% of the regular student have passed the exams. A total of 16,859 secured distinction, 93,339 passed in first division, 1,28,75 in second division and 9,416 passed in third division.

Similarly, 29.18 percent student appearing in exempted examination made it through the Iron Gate. Of them, 416 passed in first division, 9,114 in second division and 2,617 in third division.

If you don’t know where to find the result this information might be helpful.

Telephone Hotline: 1600 and 1215  (through NTC and UTL phone)

SMS : 1400 , 7373, 5225, 2722, 3636, 7676, 1101, 2906, and 5001

Result only:



Result with the marks:



FM Radios

Sagarmatha Radio 102.4, Capital FM 92.4, Ujalo FM 90, and Radio Upatyaka 87.6

Apart from these sources, various private sector websites offer the result.

Miss Who? Namrata Shrestha to act in ‘Miss U’

Actor Dilip Rayamajhi, along with other producers of 12 different countries, is going to produce a new movie named ‘Miss U’ in which, Namrata Shrestha will be the leading actress. The movie under the direction of Suresh Darpan Pokharel will also feature Dilip Rayamajhi and newcomer Barun Rana. Barun has acted in a number of music videos before and he has also acted with Namrata in a music video of Mallika Karki, ‘yeti dheri mancheharuko bhidma…’. The music director of the movie is Babu Bogati.

The movie will start its shooting from Singapore and Malaysia soon.

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