TV Filmy – formally inaugurated

The first Nepali television channel dedicated to the Nepali film industry is formally started from this Thursday (November 18, 2010). The channel was previously in its test stage.


On the occasion of the inauguration, the hit Nepali movie "Kusume Rumal" was broadcasted in the TV. The channel is the Gopi Krishna movies initiative. Apart from the TV channel, the company has movie theaters, produces movies, and is also building the first large scale shooting studio in Nepal.

Manisha Koirala – How the divorce rumor started…

As a saying goes – there won’t be smoke without fire, there is also a reason behind the Manisha Koirala divorce rumor.

After returning from the honeymoon, Manisha Koirala and her husband Samrat Dahal were living in a rented house in Budhanilakantha. These days however, she is living in her parent’s house at Bansbari. That was the reason many suspected that she had misunderstandings with her husband and has left her home to live with her parents.

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