Manisha Koirala denied divorce rumors

Bollywood actress of Nepali origin, Manisha Koirala, is facing tough time with rumors of divorce with her newly wed husband, Samrat Dahal. It is not clear how the rumor started but, we hope it started with a minor hiccup, common in one’s married life.

manisha - bijaya thapa- art exibition

Manisha was last seen in an art exhibition of artist Bijaya Thapa. When journalists asked about the rumor, Manisha told that it was a baseless rumor and they love each other a lot.

It has been about 5 month since the 40 year-old actress Manisha married the 34 year-old Samrat. Many people had predicted a short-lived marriage between them due to the age difference and numerous premarital affairs of Manisha. But, Manisha is a seasoned person and has outgrown numerous scandals and rumors in her life. We hope she will manage the married life, like the acting career she managed in a foreign country. (Photo credits Bijaya Rai and Anup Bhattarai)

We wish, the love between Manisha and Samrat will never diminish in their lives.

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