Rajesh Hamal talks Madhu Bhattarai and everything about his love life

In an interview for the promotion of his upcoming movie ‘Hasiya’, visited the studio of News24 television with the producer Milan Chams. At the time when Rajesh is in the final stage of marriage, the talk was more focused on his life rather than the movie.

In the following video contain very short clips of Rajesh’s girlfriend Madhu Bhattarai. Rajesh has been seen together with his girlfriend in public and her photos and videos are still rare in spite of being engaged to the most popular person in Nepal.

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Adhakatti unit waiting Namrata Shrestha to wrap up the shooting

The shooting of the movie by Subrat Acharya, ‘Adhakatti’ was halted when actress Namrata Shrestha became sick and had to undergo surgery. The ‘Adhakatti’ team is expecting to complete shooting soon as Namrata has returned back to Kathmandu after resting in Pokhara for some time.

namrata shrestha (2)

‘Adhakatti’ features an item dance of the actress. The director Acharya says that the shooting of everything except the item dance titled ‘Hey Namrata…’ has finished.

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