Nepali Movie – Jaya Shambhu (Anoop Bikram Shahi, Barsha Siwakoti, Prashant Tamrakar)

Nepali Movie – Jaya Shambhu
Starring – Anoop Bikram Shahi, Barsha Siwakoti, Prashant Tamrakar etc.
Director – Rupesh Tamang (Thing)

A presentation of Dinesh Shahi for Juna Films & Asia Entertainment Banner this movie features Anoop Bikram Shahi, Barsha Siwakoti, Prashant Tamrakar with Roshan Maharjan and Karuna Panday in main roles.

Watch the full movie here:
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25 New Actresses of 2075 BS – Suhana to Upasana & Shilpa Maskey

Mor than 25 new actresses had debuted in the Nepali film industry this year. This is a huge number of new actresses trying to establish themselves as actors. But, to their disappointment, only a couple of actresses were successful in impressing the viewers. Rest of them don’t have any future in the film industry.

Video report:

The list of new actresses is:

28 new actresses who had debuted in the Nepali film industry in 2075 are

  • Bhawana Gurung in Sworga Mero Gaun
  • Sakshi Lamsal in Sworga Mero Gaun
  • Sujata Thapa in Sworga Mero Gaun
  • Arohi Sharma in Hairan
  • Shristi Karki in American Boys
  • Pooja Tiwari in Baby I Love You
  • Ganga Rana Magar in A Soltini
  • Kabita Gurung in Bobby
  • Alisha Sharma in Chi Musi Chi
  • Shiwani Giri in Kahi Kati
  • Anjila Khadki in Teenage
  • Sanam malla in Reni
  • Eliza Gautam in Anurag
  • Kamana Bhujel in Tshiring
  • Kamala Oli in Maleeka
  • Ashma Giri in Dream Girl
  • Karuna Shrestha in Sayakada Dash
  • Supuspa Bhatta in Ranveer
  • Suveksha Khadka in Ranveer
  • Rewati Chhetri in Summer Love
  • Priyanka Singh Thakuri in Garud Puran
  • Priyanka MV in Captain
  • Upasana Singh Thakuri in Captain
  • Shilpa Maskey in The Breakup
  • Nirisha Basnet in Jani Najani
  • Kritan Poudel in Subha Love
  • Suhana Thapa in A Mero Hajur 3
  • Malika Mahat in Yatra

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Oh my, The first, 2019 photo of the Black Hole is actually 55 million years old

I wasn’t going to talk about this Black hole thing until I found out that a lot of people were worried by it’s existence. Yes, the first photo of a black hole, taken in 2019, is as the name suggest – black and hole like. A lot of people are worried to be sucked into one of those black holes.

Yes, they have a very strong gravitational field and once you get in there, there is no way one can get out. But, this worry is unfounded and meritless. Because, the photo shows a black hole that is located 55 million light years away. That means, the light in the photograph had emitted from the black hole some 55 million years ago. It looked like that 55 million years ago.

To give the perspective on the time – 55 million years ago means that was 10 million years after the dinosaurs became extinct. Nobody knows what the black hole looks like now. Because, the light emitted today will reach the earth after 55 million years.

And, this is probably the same thing the ancient text – Shiva Puran tells about – the third eye of Lord Shiva. Birochan Malla explains in Twitter:

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Priya Gurung, they planted a Miss Nepal dream, and shattered it ruthlessly on the orientation day

Priya Grurung – Miss Nepal Hongkong 2018.

Earlier I had made a video report on Priya and how she had got the direct entry into Miss Nepal contest. But, she didn’t know that she wouldn’t finally be qualified for the contest because of her age. The information was given to her so late that, she lost her job and she travelled to Nepal from Hong Kong for no apparent reason.


– She was told she will get direct entry into Miss Nepal after she won Miss Hong Kong in December. Miss Nepal choreographer was there at the contest to welcome Priya to Miss Nepal.
– She even went through training for the Miss Nepal contest preperation
– Was told to come to Nepal on March 24
– She flew all the way from Hongkong leaving her job and ruining her career
– Nobody told about her age problem …
– The organizers gave her a letter — it was a rejection letter

Now, she is in Nepal – and won’t be part of Miss Nepal contest !

I made this video report earlier:
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