7 Miss Nepal gathered for Zenisha Moktan baby shower (Dahi Chiura)

The Miss Nepal 2009, Zenisha Moktan, is expecting her first baby this month (in December 2017). A traditional baby shower was organized by the ex-Miss Nepals for Moktan in which seven Miss Nepal showed up. Including Zenisha there are eight Miss Nepal in the following photo:

From Left to Right : Asmi Shrestha (Miss Nepal 2016), Usha Khadgi (Miss Nepal 2000), Priti Sitaula (Miss Nepal 2003), Zenisha Moktan (Miss Nepal 2009, the mother-to-be), Sadichha Shrestha (Miss Nepal 2020), Shweta Singh (Miss Nepal 1999) and Sugarika KC (Miss Nepal 2007)

Among the ex-Miss Nepal present in the ceremony, Sadichha and Asmi were the only two unmarried Miss Nepal and they were the only ones who are not mothers yet. Malvika Subba had given birth to a son in 2016.

I had prepared a video report about Zenisha’s pregnancy:

After a long affair, Zenisha and Dikesh Malhotra had married in the start of 2016. Dikesh is actress Priyanka Karki’s cousin, a son of her maternal uncle.

Watch a 2015 video report:

Married and Unmarried Miss Nepal

When Zenisha got married in 2016, she was the last Miss Nepal crowned before 2010s decade to get married. All the Miss Nepal from 2010 to 2015 were unmarried at that time. But, after Miss Nepal 2015, Evana Manandhar, got married this year, seven Miss Nepal are yet to get married. The list of unmarried Miss Nepal include:

  • Miss Nepal 2010 – Sadichha Shrestha
  • Miss Nepal 2011 – Malina Joshi
  • Miss Nepal 2012 – Shristi Shrestha
  • Miss Nepal 2013 – Ishani Shrestha
  • Miss Nepal 2014 – Subin Limbu
  • Miss Nepal 2016 – Asmi Shrestha
  • Miss Nepal 2017 – Nikita Chandak

The affairs of the couple of these Miss Nepal are well known in the entertainment industry. Malina Joshi seem to be in and out of relationship with actor Anoop Bikram Shahi. Shristi Shrestha is seeing actor Saugat Malla. The affairs of other Miss Nepal is not being talked much in the industry.

I had prepared a video report on the martial status of the miss Nepal. The unmarried Miss Nepal video report (the video needs to be updated with the information about Evana Manandhar’s marriage and addition of Nikita Chandak as a new Miss Nepal):

Similarly, Evana needs to be added to the following video report too:

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