Anmol’s Dreams starts, Bhuwan KC calls Jiya KC a vulgar actress

The shooting of Bhuwan KC‘s debut movie as a director has started in Mustang. Bhuwan is featuring his son Anmol KC in leading role and two other new actresses, Sandhya KC and Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah. Director of Anmol’s hit movie ‘Jerryy’ (watch ‘Jerryy’ here) had reportedly assisted Bhuwan in the preparation of his directorial venture.

A while ago, Bhuwan answered the question why he hasn’t allowed his girlfriend Jiya KC in the movie. He told, the movie he is making is of higher standard than the movies Jiya plays. He told, ‘Dreams’ is a teenager love story movie. He told that it is not the vulgar movie Jiya likes to be featured in.

Bhuwan KC is known to raise controversial issues during the production and release of his movies. He uses these tactics for the promotion of the movies. We believe, this is one of his such tool to create the buzz about his upcoming movie.

Bhuwan and Jiya haven’t denied the report of their living together and some artists have admitted seeing Jiya in Bhuwan’s house in pajamas. Jiya is known for vulgar roles in movies like ‘ATM’ (watch ‘ATM’ here), Gigolo (watch ‘Gigolo’ here) Ringroad (watch ‘Ringroad’ here), Barbad (watch ‘Barbad’ here). Jiya was also featured as a simple girl in other not-so-vulgar movies like Ho Yehi Maya Ho (watch ‘Ho Yehi Maya Ho’ here) and ‘Afnai Manlai Sodhi Hera’ (watch ‘Afnai Manlai Sodhi Hera’ here).

afnai manlai sodhi hera jiya kc

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