Jiya KC deleted Bhuwan KC from Dashain Tika photo

Like other actor and actresses, actress Jiya KC also shared her Dashain photo in Facebook. But, unlike other photos, Jiya’s was a bit different. Jiya had ruthlessly cropped away the face of the person who was offering her Dashain Tika.  The photo looks odd as a small portion of the hand is seen on the forehead of smiling Jiya. That is not how one shares Dashain photos (see celebrities photos of Dashain 2015):

jiya kc dashain tika at bhuwan kc

It is no secret that Jiya is having an affair with actor Bhuwan KC and the person offering Tika is Bhuwan. The following photo can be used as the reference for the location and the identity.

I believe, this is another proof that the sexy image Jiya had created for herself still haunts the relationship between Bhuwan and Jiya. I had written a detail report on this issue a couple of months ago based on them being together during the shooting of ‘Dreams’. In their time together in beautiful locations in Mustang and Pokhara, they had shared photos at the same locations, separately.

It is surprising why Jiya and Bhuwan pretend to keep their relationship a secret when they give all the clues to make it obvious. It seems, Bhuwan has tried his best to hide the affair and Jiya wants everybody to know about it. I have come to that conclusion based on the following information:

It is an open secret that Bhuwan and Jiya are having affair for the last three years.

Jiya has also shared another photo at Bhuwan’s home after Dashain Tika. In another Dashain photo, Jiya has shared a photo showing her ring finger is still empty. 

Note: I had created a #NepaliMovieQuiz in this case in Twitter. @Basnetsir correctly identified the actress and Bhuwan KC being the hidden person in the first photo.

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