Bhuwan KC embraces Jiya KC in a Holi 2017 photo (Full history of affair)

A new revelation in the relationship between actress Jiya KC and Bhuwan KC – Bhuwan is seen embracing Jiya in a Holi 2017 photo. In the photo shared by Jiya KC, it is quite apparent that the couple had applied Holi colours in privacy to each other, before participating in the group celebration.

Video report:

Analysis of the holi colours on Bhuwan KC and Jiya KC:

Bhuwan has neatly applied purple colour on Jiya KC’s nose and cheek. Red and green colours are applied on her forehead. Jiya has applied red colour on Bhuwan’s forehead and nose, purple on his left cheek and on his nose, green on his right cheek and nose. They have neatly and strategically applied the colours on each other. Jiya has taken much care to apply it in symmetry where as, colour on Jiya seem to have been applied in a little rough manner. They booth look happy. May be because of photo filter, Bhuwan KC looks very young to his actual age of more than 50 years.

Whay Bhuwan KC and Jiya try to keep it secret?

It seems, Bhuwan KC is not comfortable linking himself with Jiya KC, an actress with bad reputation because of her vulgar movies. At the same time, he seem to be attracted towards her and can’t leave her. But, by the way they give out the clues of their close relationship, it is quite obvious that they are living together and are happy about it.

Here are some indications that they are either already married or are into a long term relationship:

Bhuwan had gone through some bad time in his relationship with women in past:

  • Bhuwan’s first wife, Bijaya KC left him and started living in the USA with their two children. Bhuwan had named his film production company after his daughter Kajal KC – Kajal Films.
  • Bhuwan’s second wife, Sushmita KC  also left him after living with him for more than a decade. Bhuwan and Suchmita’s son, Anmol KC is the new sensation in the Nepali movie industry.
  • Bhuwan was in deep love with Sharmila Dangol. He has also planned a marriage. But, Sharmila’s husband, a businessman, came in-between them and scared Bhuwan away.

May be because of these of the three failures, Bhuwan might be scared of committing himself to Jiya KC. It seems Jiya is trying hard to convince Bhuwan to marry her.

It seems, they are yet get married as no rings can be seen in Jiya KC’s hands in one of the photos of Holi.

Holi Photos Jiya KC

Bhuwan KC and Jiya KC love story

It all started in 2012 – rumour of the affair between Bhuwan KC and Jiya KC.

2012 reports:

  • Bhuwan KC visited ‘ATM’ shooting location to meet Jiya and for dating
  • They were found dating in restaurants.
  • Jiya also admitted visiting Bhuwan KC’s home and also spending a night with him.
  • Jiya also told that she would love to marry Bhuwan KC if he agrees.
  • But, they also told that they were only friends. They denied any affairs (This claim hasn’t changed in the last 5 years).

In later years:

  • In 2013’s Valentine Day, Bhuwan reportedly rejected Jiya KC’s marriage proposal.
  • Bhuwan told that Jiya was the ‘Most Beautiful Actress” in Nepali movie industry inAugust 2013.
  • Jiya KC and Bhuwan KC were found to be living together when some media person saw Jiya in Bhuwan’s home. That was in 2014 .
  • In January 2015, Jiya and Bhuwan went to watch Anmol KC’s movie ‘Jerry’ together. They were also photographed together in that event.
  • In April 2015, Bhuwan KC told that Jiya won’t be featured in ‘Dreams’ because she was a vulgar actress.
  • In August 2015 report, they were seen together in the sets of the movie ‘Dreams’. But, they took extreme care not to pose together in any photos and no photos of them together were revealed. Bhuwan KC later admitted that Jiya KC was involved in every aspects of ‘Dreams’ from story editing to help in the production of the movie.
  • Viewers were surprised when Jiya was named the line producer of ‘Dreams’.
  • In addition to supporting the movie during production, Jiya had also participated in the promotion of the movie.
  • In 2016 – Bhuwan and Jiya were seen together in the family photo of Bhuwan KC.
  • Anmol KC also indirectly admitted their relationship and told that, his father, Bhuwan KC needs somebody to be by his side.
  • In 2017 – Bhuwan and Jiya seen together in a holi photo.


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