Chhadke to release on Feb 22 (official song)

The official song of Nigam Shrestha’s upcoming movie ‘Chhadke’ is released on Saturday. The song titled “Haatti- Bhaalu” is shot on Saugat Malla.

chhadke_poster 2

The movie scheduled to release on Feb 22 is written and directed by Nigam Shrestha. The movie is produced by Narandra Maharjan and Madhav Wagle for Princess Movies and Rash Tandab banners. Made on gangster theme, the movie features popular actors of current time. Saugat Malla, Namrata Shrestha, Dayahang Rai, Rabin Tamang, Sunil Pokharel and Arpan Thapa are well known names in the movie.

The movie was shot in Chitwan and features music of Night Band, cinematography of Sanjaya Lama, action by Yogendra Shrestha and editing of Lokesh Bajracharya and Dirgha Khadka.

The poster of the movie was designed by organizing a competition in social network website, Facebook.

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