Dabur pushing to recapture the lost luster of Real Juice

In the wake of various reports of non-consumable products in one of the Dabur Nepal’s product, Real Juice, Indian Embassy was worried on its "National interest" in Nepal. Dabur threatened to take back its investment. The issue was more of a tussle between some journalists and Indian Embassy than Dabur or Real Juice.


Now, Dabur has realized it has to do something to recapture its popularity and has started advertisement campaign. Various artists including Rajesh Hamal are featured in a series of advertisement endorsing Real juice and stating the quality of the juice is not compromised. It also made news when Rajesh Hamal was paid 3-4 times the sum he gets doing a full movie.

It is being reported that Rajesh Haml is being criticized for doing ad of the controversial product.

These ads however don’t reach all the Nepali as some of the newspapers, including Kantipur, are ‘blacklisted’ by the Indian Embassy in an effort to force them write ‘pro-Indian’ news and censor all ‘anti-Indian’ news in Nepal. None of the businesses with Indian investment are allowed to print advertisement in such blacklisted newspapers.

I really wish, there was some real competitor to publish rival advertisement in such ‘blacklisted’ newspapers.

"Big Brother ki jay !"

(Disclosure : These ads were published in Nagariknews. I have posted them here for demonstration purpose and I am not being paid for posting them here.)

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